Job description

The position of  Chatbot Development Master is the best chance to become a true master at creating and managing projects using natural language processing and conversation interfaces! The job involves designing and managing chatbot projects on Messenger using our platform.

To gain  knowledge,  Chatbot Development Master will have to be up  to date with the latest trends  and prepare a knowledge base in the form of articles and blog posts.

Your responsibilities will involve:
  • creating concepts and chatbot models,
  • preparing presentations, explainin the mechanics of the proposed solutions,
  • creating personalities and prsonas of bots,
  • communication between the IT department and the client – from the stage of preparing the concept, through implementation to development of the project and proposing new improvements, 
  • analysis of bots performance and preparing reports,
  • scouring the Internet in serach of the latest trends,
  • preparing articles for the blog,
  • sifting through various reserch, summaries and data to create resentations, cost estimates and timelines.
Time division:
  • 50% – customer service
  • 35% – creation
  • 15% – participation in brainstorming sessions
We expect:
  • commitment, willingness and ease of learning – chatbots  and voicebots is a niche field and there are not many experts with relevant experience and competences, so we’re looking for people who like novelties and want to learn about the topic 🤓
  • practical knowledge of marketing social media, content marketing,
  • a knack for the written word, willingnss to create content,
  • creativity, flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking,
  • conscientiousnss ang goot time management skills,
  •  support in development of our technology through participation in brainstorming sessions  concerning new projects and their functionalities,
  • knowledge of English on communicative level.
We offer:
  • salary based on your experience,
  • work on innovative project with the use of new technologies 📱
  • influence on project vision and the company team 🤓
  • possibility to work remotely 💻
  • excellent company 😎
  • 23 days of fully paid break from chatbots  🏖
How to apply?

Send a few words about yourself to with the title  Chatbot Development Master.