Who we are

Our team consists of programmers, consultants and designer who create tailored-made solutions with the use of natural language processing.

What we do

In Finderstand we create dedicated solutions that relieve people from mundane tasks thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and conversation interfaces.



We have over 12 years of  experience in marketing and customer engagement. Our compamy is based on two strong pillars. We are aware how significant positive experience is in creating a bond with customers, on the other hand we are passionate about new technology and its application to make life easier.

Our team

We colaborate with 60 person team which means that we are able to create complex, innovative solutions ,that are simple and user-friendly. Our team of copywriters, UX designers, programmers, strategists, anslysts, architects, administrators and graphic designers deliver a full range of skillsets necessary  for the performance of the projects.


We help companies to build stronger and better bonds with their customers.  Our NPL-powered chatbots and voicebots automate and personalize conversations in customer service, marketing and sales deprtments.


We help to understand customers and create comprehensive solutions to automate conversations in Messenger, on websites and with  Google Assistant and via helpline, which generate savings, increase income and simultsneously boost customer satisfaction.

10 mln+
Conducted conversations