Instagram allows you to create chatbots

The conversational interface, which is how to interact with the computer through conversation, is not a new idea. However, it was only the development of artificial intelligence for text analysis that made chatbots boom.

Facebook had a great impact on the increase in the popularity of chatbots, as it enabled the creation of your own chatbots embedded on the brand’s fanpage and available on Messenger. Currently, over 100 billion messages a day are exchanged by users in Facebook’s communication applications.

Facebook has been integrating Messenger and Instagram inbox for some time and now we will attach a chatbot to the Instagram profile!

Already now, chatbots on Messenger are used to conduct contests, automating thousands of conversations with applications, cheaper and more effective than dedicated landing pages, such as Ballantines in the campaign we carried out with VMLY & R. Chatbots on Instagram will allow even better use of direct messages on this platform and the automation of contests, sending discount codes or generating leads.

Do you have between 10k and 100k followers on Instagram? We can create a chatbot for you from as little as PLN 4,000!