The popularity of instant messaging requires brands to be in constant contact with customers. Thanks to chatbots, we can conduct parallel conversations with dozens of customers on a variety of topics.

Your company is growing, but you waste time and resources on repetitive customer service processes? Incoming messages from users are almost the same, and your consultants need some backup? Delegate some responsibilities to the chatbot and save your time!

Why chatbots?

Customers expect 1-on-1 contact at any time of the day or night. Consultants are not able to answer all messages at once, be constantly focused on answering the same question for the hundredth time, and remember about all the promotions and special offers that are available.

Benefits of chatbot implementation

Happy customers

Streamline the customer contact path and provide a better user experience.

Instant Answer

Each of your customers will receive an instant answer to their question.

Access to full knowledge

A Virtual Assistant has an access to knowledge base about customer and products, apart from that it has a full knowledge of your comany

Easy scaling

Increase in queries to your company is not a problem for a Virtula Assistant, the solution is easy to scale